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Square Hollow Sections

We supply three different types of hollow steel section, each with its own invaluable properties in the process of construction.  The first of these, square hollow sections, are rarely used as beams because of the difficulties in bolting them together with other beams.

But they are frequently used in constructing columns, a use for which they are perfectly suited.  They are commonly referred to as ‘box sections’ and with most steel construction components they are either hot formed or cold formed.  Hot formed sections are manufactured in one piece while cold formed sections consist of a flat sheet rolled at right angles to form the square shape and then welded.



Steel Beam Production

  • Square Hollow Sections
  • Rectangular Hollow Section
  • Circular Hollow Section
  • Steel Columns
  • Steel Plates
  • Hollow Section
  • RSJ Steel Beams
  • Structural Steel Columns
  • Flats, Rounds, Angles, & Square Angles


Health & Safety

The Directors of the Company are committed to promoting a culture of safe working. We employ the services of a Health & Safety Consultancy to oversee all company activities. Read More

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