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Hollow Section

It’s not surprising that the steel hollow section is today regarded as the most efficient and versatile component in construction and mechanical manufacturing. Most of the world’s most impressive structures rely on the use of steel hollow sections.  Inherently strong, they offer an excellent strength to weight ratio which allows construction projects to economise on materials but to achieve optimum spans.

Whether in the construction of internationally recognised iconic buildings or in the production of functional but reliable everyday vehicles and other machinery, the hollow section is one of the greatest advances in modern construction.

Furthermore it is a highly sustainable and recyclable material, making construction with steel hollow sections efficient, cost-effective, durable and environmentally responsible.  Find out how we can help you with your project today.

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Steel Beam Production

  • Square Hollow Sections
  • Rectangular Hollow Section
  • Circular Hollow Section
  • Steel Columns
  • Steel Plates
  • Hollow Section
  • RSJ Steel Beams
  • Structural Steel Columns
  • Flats, Rounds, Angles, & Square Angles


Health & Safety

The Directors of the Company are committed to promoting a culture of safe working. We employ the services of a Health & Safety Consultancy to oversee all company activities. Read More

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